As a designer I think it’s important to keep creating for yourself and actively seek out opportunities that excite you. To explore work outside the confides of client guidelines and keep growing as a creative.


I’m lucky to live in London a hub of creative people and events. Back in 2019 I went to a creative club workshop, it was there I met an aspiring children’s book writer and since then we have been dreaming up what the world of Mr. Stomp the dinosaur could look like.


In 2019 I participated in a freedom hike for a charity called TZ Rising an organisation that aims to empower girls to break free from poverty. Through this organisation I met a young girl Eni – Cherish who was the youngest person to participate in the hike at 9 years old.


 Eni approached me to help her on a product she wanted to launch. A natural eco deodorant aimed at younger girls who go through puberty early and don’t feel connected to any brands on the market - which are all aimed at women. She provided me with a label she created herself using found images and briefed me that the girl on the label needed to represent her.


I wanted to create something that would appeal to the teenage market, but kept in keeping with Eni’s original vision. I wanted to create a brand which felt informal and fun.



A Christmas card collection I designed and sold online on etsy and instore at Modern Painters, New Decorators winter shop. 

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